A small flame

A small flame

Grins 'n' Giggles

I had Thomas at the park the other day when the half-dozen kids there, including M and D, began to play 'Wedgie Tag'. Rules of the game involve 'It' giving the others he / she tags a wedgie. At first I rolled my eyes, but soon grew a bit uncomfortable with the game because it was being played by boys and girls together. Call me old fashioned, but giving girls wedgies just doesn't seem like something I want my boys doing.

When we came indoors for lunch, I had a conversation with the boys.

"Here's the thing", I told them "boys and girls are only allowed to give each other wedgies if they're married to each other."

4 little eyes widened

"Are you ready to be married?"

2 little heads shook a solemn 'no'

"Do you want to marry {S} or {C}" (fellow co-wedgie-taggers)?

4 little eyes became saucers

Two emphatic 'no's!'
"Well", I shrugging slightly, "those are the rules,
so I'm afraid you can't play wedgie tag with girls any more."

I figure they're still young, so I've got a few years to correct this, um, 'philosophy' of marriage I just gave them before any young women are negatively affected ;o)


Karen said...

Of course now they'll expect you and Phil to give each other wedgies, Rachel. ;^) Hilarious!

Rachel said...

Ha ha. Well, that's a possibility, but so far they haven't put it together ;o)

Anonymous said...

haha just keep letting the do it and they will stop