A small flame

A small flame

The Gifts that Just Happen

What do you give thanks for?

Can you say 'thank you' for the mundane? The almost-insignificant?
The closer-than-most parking spot, maybe? Or the weather?

Here's what I have learned. The lesson I re-learn often.

If everything comes from the Father's hand,
then all things ought to elicit thanks.

Gratitude-offerings made to God.

If all we have and all we are comes from Him, then
why would we not give him thanks for everything?

There is no thing too mundane; too silly; too coincidental to be included.

My grandpa was - is - my favorite person.
And he had the best laugh I've ever heard.
A deep chuckle that bubbled out of him - and he used it often.
How I loved his laugh!
And, since he moved to Heaven several years ago,
I have often wished I could hear his laugh again.

This weekend, in the lull between celebrations,
I was enjoying the quiet of my parents house
when the phone rang.
I almost didn't answer it. It wasn't my phone, after all.
But after a few rings, I decided to pick up.
On the other end was a distant relative who I 'know' just barely and only by name.

We had a divine appointment that I didn't know about.
A conversation of encouragement I wasn't expecting
from a brother in Christ I didn't know.

And then, most unexpected of all, came his laugh.

That deep, happy chuckle that always makes me laugh too.

Just like
my grandpa's laugh.

And after I had hung up the phone
I stood, tears pooling,
thanking the Giver.

There are no coincidences.

And because I know that,
my life is richer,
and my heart feels His love
in a million things that might have just happened
if they had not been intentional gifts
from my Abba

Don't miss the gifts that 'just happen' to you today!


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