A small flame

A small flame

The Passing of Time

This is the week.

The apparently-ordinary week that holds a secret:: the anniversary of the day we began the journey no pastor wants to take.

Our 'day the world went wrong' day.

My heart knows and drags its feet in apprehension.

I find myself at an odd crossroads; pulled in 2 directions.

I mourn for all the pain that has been.

For the dreams that have died slow, agonizing deaths.

For the family we can no longer be with.

For the cracks I still see in our slowly-healing hearts.

And some days I still wonder 'will the broken heart-bones ever rejoice?'

Yet, I also appreciate where we are.

This quiet-water, soul-restoring place the Father-Shepherd has led us.

The lessons we have learned and ways we have grown that might never have happened if we had stayed in the life we still mourn for.

Then, providentially, I read this:

How does a heart sorrow over the time forever gone and still be present to the wonder of the time that is now?

How to do we let go of what once was
and accept what now is?

I hold the only word that allows me
to simultaneously let go of moments
and accept this moment.

I whisper it. . .
into the golden threads of now.

"Thank you."

- from A Holy Experience

And, I have the answer.

The map for navigating the crossroads;

the plan for redeeming that day our world fell apart.

I choose praise.

I purpose to fill this week with as much thanks as it can hold!

Care to come along?

I'd love to have your company.


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