A small flame

A small flame

On Location

The seminary campus here is beautiful. Even in the winter, the huge magnolia trees and old, gracious buildings made it lovely. I enjoy going there by myself to just walk and absorb the beauty. Whenever I am there, I see young mothers on walks, strollers in-tow; families having picnics under trees; and students reading or talking. I've got a feeling that this 'On Location' topic could become a mini-series if I let it ;o)


Crazy Mom said...

very nice pictures, Rachel! I love your "on location" posts - makes me feel as though I can see a little bit of where you live. :)

Elizabeth said...

What a pretty campus! Nothing like what I've got here. But I'm not willing to move to NC for it either!

Rachel said...

@CrazyMom - good! That's why I do them ;o)

@Elizabeth - it'd be pretty hard to go home for the weekend if you lived in NC :O)