A small flame

A small flame

The Best Way to Spend Six Dollars

The music-box-song gets louder

and the pied piper peddles his wares from the window in his truck.

My boys do the ' I-scream-you-scream-we-all-scream ' dance

- the way they always dance to this song -

as they beg, "Please, Mom?"

Frugalista that I am, I always say 'no'.

But I can remember, vaguely, dancing the steps to that dance

long ago.

So, tonight I say 'yes' instead

And we dance up the hill together

Thomas, hand gripping mine tightly,

saying in wonder 'a car . . . with ice cream!'

I buy the Fabulous Four, Spiderman and SpongeBob

and they eat them slowly,

marveling over the flavors in each color

and the gum-ball eyes.

Thank you, Abba,

for warm weather
and ice-cream-truck songs

and sticky hands

green grass

bare feet

and rainbow-colored smiles

1 comment:

Karen said...

:^) It's awesome when parents say yes to something that's normally a no! What dark brown eyes Thomas has now!