A small flame

A small flame

The Plan


Whether you call it 'Lent' or just 'pre-Easter', I'm coming to these next few weeks with a desire to make Easter meaningful for my children. I think that we, like many, many parents, try to speak truths about the Gospel into the lives of our kids on a daily basis. But there's something about the Easter season that gives us a unique window - a time to put extra thought and effort into focusing on our need and how Christ met that need at the cross.

This year, Phil & I have worked together to make a plan - he's the theology part of the plan & I am the creative part ;o) Beginning this week and going through Easter, we are having special devotional times with Matthew & Daniel. The plan is for each week to center around a theme. Phil is teaching - and doing a great job - and I'm adding a few tangible, hands-on things to help make the theological concepts more concrete.

This week the theme is Taking responsibility for my sin.

Phil chose this theme because, when disobedience or misbehavior is brought to their attention, our boys {like their parents} tend to respond with excuses:: "Well, he . . . .!" We want to help them think through (and, hopefully, improve in) the area of personal responsibility. Lessons this week have looked at the first blame-shifting story in Scripture: Adam and Eve; and at how our desires shape what we do (from the book of James). Last night, Phil talked to them about how God doesn't accept our excuses for why we sinned because he knows the real reason is found in the wrongly-elevated desires of our hearts. The mental wheels are definitely turning, and we're praying that God's word will bear fruit in their hearts.

The themes for the next weeks are ::

week 2 - What sin has done to the world

week 3 - The sins I commit

week 4 - What Jesus suffered for our sin

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Karen said...

That's great, Rachel. What a wonderful idea.