A small flame

A small flame

Ideas for Lent & Easter

Do you observe Lent?

What do you do to celebrate Easter?

Isn't it odd how we celebrate Christmas for an entire month, but Easter for just a weekend - or even just a single day?

A few years ago, Phil & I began our Spring Celebration as a way to separate Easter from the fun, non-Easter things typically associated with the day. {Read about our journey here}

What has been lacking at our house, though, is a more thoughtful, focused celebration of Easter.

This year, Phil & I are attempting to remedy that lack.

We have a plan and, so far, we're working the plan.

I'll share more of that in the next days,

but I'm curious to know::

What, if anything, do you do to prepare your heart for Easter?


As a family?

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Donette said...

I don't really understand this embracing of Lent that so many evangelicals are doing. My understanding is that it has always been a Catholic tradition, meant as a means to obtain more grace (which we obviously don't agree with). And it seems so self-motivated, like, "I need to show God how much I love Him, so I'm going to deprive myself of the good gifts He has given me in an attempt to make laws for myself that He never commanded."
Does that sound mean? I don't mean it to, I am truly wondering what you have learned about lent - I know some SBC's observe.
All that being said, we're off to a fish fry this Friday! ;)

And I've been thinking about preparing my heart for Easter this year, too. I haven't come up with any great ideas, other than a concentrated time for meditation and thankfulness for Christ's sacrifice. I'm interested to see what you decide. Don't wait too long to post it - we may partake in any good ideas you have!