A small flame

A small flame

Grins & Giggles

Sent this funny story from our weekend to a friend yesterday and then thought I should share it here too::

On Saturday, Phil took the 2 older boys on a hike through the woods behind where we live. I made sure that the boys were dressed in old, grubby clothes since the dirt here is red clay. That stuff stains clothing so badly! I'm convinced that it is EVIL!

Anyway, after they had been hiking for a while, Philip discovered that the pants Daniel was wearing were a bit too large around the waist. Danny had been unable to find a belt and, rather than asking us for help, he had simply stuffed several socks into his pants. It made perfect sense to him!

Of course, in the process of walking & climbing, the socks had dislodged. By the time Phil figured out what was going on, one sock was missing - our contribution to the woods' litter content. And of course, the pants were still too big. Sigh.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the laugh!