A small flame

A small flame

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EDIT: my dear hubby has sweetly informed me that the Bonhoeffer book he read quotes to me from this past weekend is, in fact, NOT the one mentioned below. That one was called Life Together and it was excellent. I'll let you know how I like The Cost of Discipleship after I've 'read' it ;o)

You can get a couple of free book downloads from Christian Audio through the end of March.

  • You can download The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer for FREE by using code MAR2010. This audio book is valued at $16.98. ***************************************
  • You can download Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper FREE by using code MAR2010B. This audio book is valued at $5.98.

    If you want both books, you'll need to do 2 separate transactions.

    I'm so excited about getting Bonhoeffer's book! Phil and I recently read parts of it and thought it was excellent! We had planned to buy the book this week, in fact -- well, we probably still will because Phil's not much of an audio book person. I listen to audio books quite a bit since I can 'read' them while I work around the house.

Thanks to the $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge for the tip!

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