A small flame

A small flame

Words to Start a New Week

These are from Pastor Scott's sermon yesterday. Pastor Scott is an elder & the Pastor of Discipleship at Open Door.

They are just what I need to renew my focus as I begin another week.
Happy Monday!

"God understands you're tired.
God understands you're weary.
God understands you're discouraged.

But here is the one unchanging fact,
evidenced by the Holy Spirit within you and me,
and that is simply this:

that God has more of a hold on you
than you have on God.

Because of the Holy Spirit within you,
God has more of a hold on you than you have on God.

If you're like me,
I have a tendency to get into the position where
I think I've got a real good grasp of God.

I imagine myself -
I'm holding onto him by the lapels, you see,
and the more I hold onto him,
the holier I think I am,
and the more confident I am.

And then something happens to make me do this {
hands open, fingers spread}

And I let go.
And I despair.
But only for a moment, you see.

Because the moment that I let go,
I begin realize that God has a far stronger grip on me and where I'm at than I will
ever have on him.

And then faith takes on a whole new countenance.
To 'walk by faith and not by sight'
means that I have to trust that God's got a hold of me
and is leading me,
even when I don't have sense that he's there.

God's got more of a hold on you
than you do of him. "



sarah said...

Thank you Rachel! This is so encouraging! I loved it! It was also the perfect thing to share with a struggling friend! THanks for the post!

Rachel said...

It encouraged me, too. Glad I could share it, Sarah.