A small flame

A small flame

On Location - Exploring

We're in the thick of school here.
Today starts our last week of school before a Spring Break week off!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm hiding my excitement pretty well ;o)

Phil's work shifts have gotten longer - a mixed blessing to be sure -
and so has his Seminary work load,
so I'm feeling the crunch of more single-parenting
and less time with my sweet hubby.

Saturday was a gorgeous day, and Phil had the day off, so we decided to spend it as a family.

We just started driving north-west and, eventually, pulled off the interstate in the little town of Hillsborough, NC.

We went for a walk through the little down-town area and out the other side.

Stumbled on a Revolutionary War re-enactment camp.

The boys just wanted to know if the food over the campfire
was real.

Went in to some really old, historic buildings,

which, my boys declared, "smelled funny" - in their loudest voices, of course.

Climbed this massive magnolia tree.

Isn't it amazing?

Thomas made the walk interesting in his own way . . .

No, we're not teaching him that he's a dog.

It just comes naturally ;o)

We did finally wear him out. . . . long after he did the same to us.

Happy Monday!

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Elizabeth said...

What a fun day! You don't just "stumble on" Revolutionary War reenactment camps around here!