A small flame

A small flame

I'm at it Again

Those of you who know me well may roll your eyes when I tell you that I've added another thing to my 'do it myself' list ;o),
but I am now making my own laundry soap.

I've been a bit curious about it for a while now, so when my sis-in-law made her own, I was really pleased. Now I actually know someone who does this. When she told me that she liked it, and how inexpensive it was, I was hooked.

It's super easy and quick to make - seriously, 15-20 minutes from start to finish!

There are only 3 ingredients (plus water),
and only a bit of each ingredient is used,
so once you buy a box of each ingredient, you'll be set for a loong time.

Cost-wise, it's waay cheaper: about 2 cents per load.
Compare this to the 15 cents per load I was paying for the laundry soap I have been buying.

I use a pretty basic recipe (found here), but I only make 1/2 a batch at a time because I don't have room to store a larger container of it. What I make fits into a 5-quart ice cream pail and lasts me for around 30 loads.

You can just use your every-day kitchen equipment to make this and wash it up afterwards.

SOAP: I use Ivory soap - 1/2 a bar .

Grate this up.
I was surprised the first time at how easily this grated. Such pretty white curls ;o)

Put the soap in a pan, along with 3 cups of water.

Heat & stir on a medium heat to dissolve the soap.

When the soap curls have dissolved, stir in 1/4 cup each of Washing Soda and Borax.

Washing Soda is sodium carbonate - not to be confused with Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate). If you can't find this at Walmart or Target, check hardware stores. I found mine at Ace Hardware.

Pour 2 cups of hot water into your bucket or storage container.
Then add the soap mixture & stir well.

Add 11 more cups of water - yep, lots of water in this recipe.

OPTIONAL - if you want it scented, you can also add essential oil of your choice. I'm a bit sensitive to scents, so I didn't add any scent. My soap just smells clean and soapy.

Let the mixture sit for a few hours - mine sets up within 2-3 hours - and it becomes a watery jello type consistency.

That's it!

Easy, huh?

Just use 1/2 cup of the soap for a large load - I keep an old measuring cup with my bucket.

This is a low-suds soap. I don't usually see any bubbles in the washer. That doesn't matter since the cleaning is done by the soap ingredients, not the bubbles.


Karen said...

So the washing comes out just as clean? How does it feel? It doesn't make it feel stiff at all, does it?

Rachel said...

Yes. It's clean. . . and you know how dirty my boys can make their clothes ;o) The clothes don't feel or look any different than when I was using store-bought soap.

Now, I never add fabric softener in my laundry, so if you're used to that, I'm not sure if you'd notice a difference.

Melissa also makes her own, so you could ask her as well.

Donette said...

Hmmm . . . I might have to try this. Of course, right now I have 4 bottles of laundry detergent because they were on sale and I had a coupon. But when they are gone, this is a real possibility . . .

sarah said...

My sister has been telling me about this! I want to to do it too! She was just making hers and is going to let me know what she thinks, but I'm glad to get your opinion too!