A small flame

A small flame

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On Sunday nights, while the boys attend AWANA, I go to a class called Helping Others Change, based on the book Instruments in the Redeemer's Hand by Paul Tripp.

Last night on our way home from church::

Matthew - "Mom, what do you do while we're in AWANA?"

Me - "I go to a class with other adults."

Matthew - "Did you answer any questions in your class? What were they?"

Me - "I did. They were about things I do that I shouldn't and what is going on in my heart that makes me do those things."

{He's very familiar with these kinds of heart conversations around our house - usually about him & Daniel ;o)}

Matthew - "Oh. Like when you yell at us. . . . Maybe you do that because a termite ate the tube to your heart that's supposed to keep you from doing that."

Me - "Nope. I do it because I'm a sinner and I love other things more than God sometimes."

Matthew - "Well, I think it would be more exciting if it was because a dinosaur -- a T-Rex -- destroyed the tube."

Me - . . . . . honestly, I couldn't really think of anything to say. Ya know, he's right -- a dinosaur would be way more exciting!

Happy Monday!

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Elizabeth said...

Too funny! Wouldn't that be great if we could blame our sin on a T-rex? It would make life so much easier...but take away the need for being humble. And then we wouldn't have to ask forgiveness because "it's the T-rex's fault"...but that would take away our relationship with God too because we would just blame everything on the T-rex instead of realizing our depravity and our need for God...
So maybe it wouldn't be that great after all. :)