A small flame

A small flame

Cherishing the Ordinary

Maybe you've already seen this.

Or not.

Either way, maybe you should watch it today.

A friend told me about it, and I watched yesterday.

What a great reminder. . .


. . . to love, love LOVE the ordinary day I will have today -

the "best years of your life" kind of day.


. . . and, to not forget that this 'kids' phase is just one chapter of life.


A older, wiser friend once said to me that

kids are temporary,

but marriage is forever.


If it seems overwhelming to do something like

the 14 Days of Valentines for your hubby

in the middle of the diapers, fights, school work, messes and discipline,

that's because it is overwhelming.


I live in "overwhelmed"!

But I keep reminding myself that someday all that will be over -

- the diapers, fights, school work and messes -

the kids will move away,

and it will just be me & my hubby

staring at each other over an other-wise empty table.

I want to be sharing dinner with my best friend

and not a stranger I used to know by heart.


I hope you'll watch this video

{don't forget to grab the kleenex first!}

and then go hug your kids -

***********maybe take a few 'ordinary day' pictures,

and than, do something to show your hubby

how much you love & appreciate him.



Happy Fifth Day of Valentine!

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