A small flame

A small flame

A New Direction

Our family has been in limbo for a long, very difficult period of time. We have accepted this as from God's hand, and we believe that there were things He wanted to use us to accomplish. We have seen God working, and lately many of those things seem to be coming to an end. After much prayer, many conversations with each other, and with lots of advice & encouragement from close friends, we are making some big decisions about the next phase of our lives & ministry. The biggest decision is that Philip is returning to school for more post-graduate work. Recently Phil & I took a trip (without our kids!) to North Carolina where we visited Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We were impressed with the spirit and focus of the school and with the friendliness of the people and professors we met. As an added bonus, the campus & surrounding area are beautiful and the weather is warmer than Wisconsin! Now we are taking the necessary first steps to transplant our family to Wake Forest, NC. If the Lord continues to lead us in this direction, we will be moving sometime this summer so that Phil can begin classes in the fall. There is so much more that I could say (and I'm sure will say in the upcoming weeks)! We would greatly appreciate your prayers for us as we continue to seek God's face and allow him to use us as instruments in His hands. Thanks!


Crazy Mom said...

Just wanted to let you know we are praying for you, and I really hope you'll let me know if/when I can come help you with whatever you need to get done!

Rachel said...

Thanks, Sarah! I'm in the process of thinking & strategizing about how I want to do this whole moving thing. I'm planning to pick your brain about it (you are the most experienced mover I know :O). I'm also thinking I may have a box-packing party at some point. I'll let you know.

Karen said...

The campus looks beautiful! We have been praying that God would lead your family--I know it's been really difficult for you.

I thought it was funny on their website how the price for Southern Baptists is so much less! :^)