A small flame

A small flame


I started writing the answer to Donette's question as a comment on my last post, but it got long and I decided I could organize it better as it's own separate post. I've kept the boys' chore list fairly simple for now. I also chose to put chores on that they have a hard time remembering to do consistently. For example, brushing their teeth before bed is such a part of their routine that we never have trouble forgetting that one, so it didn't go on the list.

* put their PJ's away in the morning - this was a necessary picture for my boys because they always forget to do this

* put clean clothes away after I've done the laundry -they each have their own little laundry basket that I fill with their clean clothes as I take them out of the dryer and then they put them away. The drawers don't look as organized as when I was doing this job for them, but it's one less thing for me to do, so I'm OK with messy drawers.

* make their beds

* do school - my boys still can't keep the week days separate from weekend days so I thought having this on the list during the week would help

* do eye therapy - this one is only on Matthew's chart. Because of his eye condition, it is really important and needs to be done each day and I sometimes have trouble remembering to have him do it, so I guess that picture is as much for me as it is for him ;O)

* pick up toys in the living room, basement /playroom & their bedroom - I divide this one up a bit so it gets a couple of pictures. LR pick-up is in the afternoon, basement pick-up is done by one boy after supper while the other one helps me with the supper dishes, and bedroom clean-up is done when they get ready for bed

* help wash the dishes that don't go in the dishwasher - this chore alternates weekly with picking up the playroom in the basement after supper. My boys LOVE to wash dishes! Having them in on this chore is harder for me right now - they are slower and I sometimes have to wash things over, but I want them to learn to do the dishes. Someday they'll be good at it and then this chore will actually make my life easier.

* put their dirty clothes in the laundry hamper when they get their PJ's on


Crazy Mom said...

Thanks, Rachel - this gave me lots of great ideas! :)

Donette said...

Yes, thanks for the post. Each of my kids clean off their placemats after a meal, but I hadn't thought of having them help me with the dishes yet. And clothes in the hamper is something I am always remind Elijah to do! I really need to make this chart!