A small flame

A small flame

so THIS is why Phil's never around . . .

This was Phil's day yesterday:

2:30 am - get up
3:30 -9 am - work
9-12 - study / read somewhere quiet (i.e. not at home)
12-12:45 - come home, eat lunch
12:45-1:45 pm - lay down, attempt to nap
1:45-2:30 pm - get up, get ready, go to work
2:30-5:30 pm - work
5:30 pm- get told 'Oh, we need you to do another route now . . .'
5:30-6 pm - scarf down a fast food dinner
6 pm -12 am - drive to Chicago & back
??? - go to bed (I was already asleep, but I think he made it to bed a bit before the I've-been-up-for-24 hours-mark)

The good news is he got to sleep in until almost 8 this morning. Today he's spending the day driving to Chicago again . . . in the snow storm . . . isn't life grand?!


Karen said...

wow...shouldn't that be illegal? I would check into that, seriously. He should be getting the same amount of sleep that truck drivers are allowed, at least!!

Rachel said...

It seems like it should be, huh? Actually, though, technically it wasn't. The limit for driving in one day is 10 hours, which is what he drove that day, and the limit for being on duty is 15 hours. I think he was officially on duty for 13 hours that day.