A small flame

A small flame

Chick Flick

My husband watches 'chick flicks' with me. I love that! He has discovered that this is something that I really enjoy, and that watching them with me is a way he can build our relationship & show me that he loves me. What a wise man ;o) Recently, he brought home this movie for us to watch together and we both really enjoyed it. I have to admit that I never made it through the book, so I can't say how closely the movie follows the book. If you are familiar with the book, please tell me if the way this movie version ends is true to the book. I want to know!
What a sweet, romantic way to spend an evening with the person you love!

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Karen said...

I watched this on youtube and thought it was one of the best Persuasions they've made yet. The main characters actually look the right age! :^) It's pretty faithful to the book, although she doesn't actually spend all that time running around Bath looking for him. The end is a little different in the book. He's actually sitting there listening to a conversation she's having with a friend of theirs about how women love for longer, and he ends up writing her a letter and giving it to her before she leaves. You should at least read the end of the book, that particular part is pretty good. :^)