A small flame

A small flame

s.m.i.l.e. time

Daniel is the family comedian. If you're familiar with the birth order theory, he is very much a middle child. And, like all kids, many of the funny things he says are not attempts to be funny. He also has this way of asking questions that have absolutely nothing to do with what is currently going on or with anything we've even remotely discussed that day. Here are a few of his recent gems.

** Mom, what was the (Speed Racer cartoon theme) song before the Speed Racer song?

** Mom, were policemen ever born?

** My feet are like grumpy old men. See, they're all wobbly (This after his feet had been wet and his skin was, well, wobbly)

** Mom, I hear something in the floor. It's the sound of a robot doing school.

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Crazy Mom said...

LOL!!!! I love Daniel's viewpoint on things! :)