A small flame

A small flame


I just love the smell of carnations! Roses are my favorite flower, but my favorite flower scent is carnation. My 'guys' brought me a bouquet of them a few days ago and I am really enjoying them. When I was a little girl I remember visiting my parents supporting church in Hawaii. My parents were each given a lei of carnations - white for my Mom & red for my Dad. I can still remember how that wonderful scent filled our hotel room. I think that was when I fell in love with carnations.
Aren't you glad that God loves beauty & has shared so much of it with us in his creation?!

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Karen said...

Yes, I am! I have always been astonished at the people who simply turn up their noses at carnations or dub them a funeral flower. After we lived at that Italian house in Spearwood where the backyard was chock-full of carnations, I really learned to appreciate them too. They do smell beautiful and they also look beautiful. They come in so many rich and delicate colors and their petals shimmer in the light. :^)